Lecture Programme

Lectures will take place in the Parish Hall, Christ Church, Ealing Broadway. Please note that the November, January, February lectures will start at 2.00pm and the March – October lectures will start at 7.30pm.


Loop system available for those with hearing problems.

Lectures are free to members with a charge of £3 for visitors

7th August – Dr. Helen Fry “The Secret War : Bugging the Nazis in WW2” During the second world war British Intelligence secretly bugged the conversations of German prisoners and gained intelligence that changed the course of the war. Seventy years later Helen Fry uncovers a treasure of secrets.

4th September – Roger Squires “The Wey Navigations” The Wey Navigation was built by Sir Richard Weston in 1651 at his own expense. In 1760 a further Act of Parliament authorised a four mile extension to Godalming. The lower navigation was gifted to the National Trust by its owner, the late Harry Stevens, in 1964..

9th October – Jonathan Fryer “Life as a Foreign Correspondent” Motivated by a passion for international affairs, the schoolboy Jonathan Fryer left Manchester before finishing the sixth form to become a cub reporter in the Vietnam War. This launched him on a career as a foreign correspondent for newspapers, magazines, radio and television, that has taken him to 165 countries to date, with many adventures along the way.

6th November – Edward Town “The Painter Van Dyck at the Court of Charles! Anthony van Dyck became Charles 1’s favourite court painter in the 1630’s at a time when Charles had dispensed with Parliament (the “Personal Rule”), and needed a compliant artist to present an image of the Stuart monarchy as propaganda for his vision of “Divine Right~”.  Van Dyck died in 1641, but his art lives on – principally in the Royal Collection and the National Gallery”